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The Funny (and not so funny) Things a Toddler Says...

Our 3 year old boy has a rather large imagination and absolutely no verbal filter. Also, he can't seem to remember to pee in the toilet and not in the bathtub- he has the entire 1st verse and chorus of Eye of The Tiger memorized. I think kids are much smarter than we sometimes give them credit for...and much more manipulative. There are those who joke about cats plotting to take over the world...I think it's the 3 year olds.

Last week, Grandma Sherry was driving the both of us home after we gave daddy a free pass to watch football without any distractions. It was nice to get to spend the entire day with my parents. Stephan's only request was that I bring him home some dinner leftovers, which were nicely packed in the front seat with me. Vitale and I were having a nice little conversation, and smack in the middle of my response, he politely holds up one finger (cutting me off completely), turns to grandma and says in his sweetest voice, "Umm, Grandma Sherry? I am berry hungwy...I think I need to go to McDonald's". "Oh, really??" she says back at him. "Yes, I really need a Happy Meal with chicken nuggets, french fries and a boy toy". He smiles manipulatively..."can you please take me to McDonald's?". Are you kidding me?! Did he really just pull one over on her...that would never work on me (or would it?). Sure enough, grandma smiled back brightly and pulled into the nearest Mickey D's. A half hour later when we get home, I'm in trouble because now, formerly blissful dad is starving!

Now if Vitale tried to get his way with me in the same manner as he does with the grandparents, I might think it's cute. However, less than a month ago when he didn't get his way and threw a tantrum (over having to take ONE bite of macaroni), I did the bad mom thing and faked a call to Santa to let him know that Vitale wouldn't eat his dinner. I told Vitale that Santa said he would not be bringing him any toys for Christmas if he didn't take just one bite of his dinner. What does little Talee do? He picked up his imaginary phone, holds it to his ear and says, "Hey ninjas? Will you kill Santa? Ok, thanks.". Again, Are you KIDDING me?! Did my 3 year old just order a hit on Santa?!!

There are some pretty funny things that come out of his mouth though. For instance, the other day the 3 of us were passing our favorite Mexican restaurant where we had recently gone to eat with my dad and Sherry. Vitale looked out the window and excitedly shrieked, "Look!! That's where me and my Grandpa Jim and the Mexicans ate our food!". Now those are the comments I really get a kick out of. If only they were all so harmless and adorable.


Best Swimsuits of 2011

I don't know about all of you, but I am DYING to throw on a bathing suit and soak in some sunshine!
Particularly, after seeing what's new in swimwear for 2011...oh, yeah.
Aerin Rose

Diane Von Furstenburg Swim
Lisa Marie


Mara Hoffman

Tommy Bahama

Red Carter


Tony Praver

Jessica Simpson Swim


Lucky Brand

Mara Hoffman

Nanette Lepore


Red Carter





Elope with a Lakeside Wedding!

Photography by Joshua Denniston

Yeah, baby- that's what I said!
Me and my fiance of one year decided to stop messing around with the hmm-ing and ha-ing and just get married while on our annual South Lake Tahoe trip with his mom. Neither one of us are any good at making a decision and sticking with it, so at the rate we were going it was never. going. to. happen. So we dove in head first, made the arrangements and gave a few close family members a nice, long, 2-week notice. It was not the wedding that either of us had in mind, but after effortless planning and my fabulous fresh-off-the-runway STEAL...I wish we had thought of it all sooner.

The Dress
Here's a little advice for those of you who want a stellar wedding gown, but refuse to pay retail (this is where I break the cardinal rule of dress shopping). Visit all of those high-end boutiques you've been too scared to enter and try on ANY dress, no matter what those nasty little price-tags say! Find "the one", get measured, then go home and visit PreOwnedWeddingDresses.com. This is where I found my Spring 2011 Allure gown. Straight off the runway, unaltered and roughly $2,000 less that what it is to be sold for when it comes available to the general public. This site is any bride's dream...you can find designer label gowns from names such as; Vera Wang, Oscar de la Renta, Pronovias and even some vintage classics for prices so low that it makes you feel a little guilty by just looking at them. Some are from brides that wore it once, some are sample gowns, and then there are a few runway beauties like the one I scored. I worked with a wonderful woman from a boutique called, Send In The Gowns (preownedweddingdresses seller).

The Ceremony
Although we ALWAYS stay-and-play at Harvey's Lake Tahoe Casino, we fell in love with the elegance of the wedding chapel at Montbleu Resort & Casino- conveniently located directly across the street! Of course, I still opted to take the limo that came free with my wedding package...don't worry, I'll get there!

Though I wanted badly to have the entire ceremony at this heavenly place, I opted to just have the photos done here for fear of frostbite. It was after all, the first week in January. The hike wasn't easy in boots, let alone my double platform, stiletto boots- but it was all worth it when we got to the top and the view of Emerald Bay took our breath away.

Who did the work? Not me!
From the booking of locations, to the flowers, the photographer, limo and the licensing, Dorie from Lake Of The Sky Weddings took care of it all. After a few add-ons that we opted for last-minute, Dorie's bill came to only a little over $1,300. AMAZING!


Cheap(er) Thrills for the One-Click Shopping Addict

I remember it like it was yesterday...I discovered something that made my mouth water, my body tingle and had me in a semi-psychotic state of giddy delirium. The find that could possibly quench my thirst for the Un-attainable, haute couture fashion. With the world-wide-web and all of it's wonders, the fact that I live in Boise, Idaho was no longer the issue- it was the price tag that comes along with those beautiful designer labels. Fret no more! I was bombarded by an array of the "members-only" online sample sale websites.

Ideeli.com came first. I was stunned that I could purchase a Betsey Johnson necklace for $25. So that's what I did. I bought the darn thing, along with a cute little Boy Meets Girl tee.

It was Hautelook.com that really took me by surprise though. I had been on the hunt for a perfect pair of jeans for a LONG time and found the cutest pair of rhinestone-studded bootleg jeans with just the right amount of  "stretch" by Rock and Republic for a mere (hold your breath) $50. Yes, I mean it, FIFTY DOLLARS!! With the denim and a few other choice discount items, I thought it may be smart to have them delivered to my place of work instead of my home. This way, if I don't like it and choose to make a return, Stephan wouldn't have an un-necessary heart-attack (in case you've been wondering, Stephan is my breath-takingly handsome fiance, who is actually, very supportive of my buying habits but sometimes forces me to take a 'rational' look at my spending- and I'm happier with being in complete denial).

Then came the Gilt. I have not made a spelling error, mind you. I am not speaking of that heart sinking feeling one experiences when making a big oops that requires an apology. I'm referring to the Mount Olympus of designer sample sales- Gilt.com or Gilt Group. If you are craving labels such as, Dolce & Gabanna, Burberry, Oscar de la Renta, and Fendi on a regular basis- this is where you need to be. I about had a Couture-induced seizure when I stumbled upon this fashionista's paradise. Don't even ask me what I bought or spent here, I am determined to remain in denial and even is Stephan...yes, even him.

Eventually, I stopped working as an assistant and began working on my Fashion degree full-time. Thus, the packages began arriving at home and the available funds in my bank account started to dwindle, leaving me at a shopping stand-still. However, these websites are great at keeping me informed of the latest sales and events that happen daily. Though I am forced to take a break, you should check them out! I have compiled a nice little list below...happy shopping!


Cold Weather Up-side: My FAVORITE BOOTS!

No, they're not new and I can't tell you where they came from- just another stellar gift from my fiance some years back. I had quite the time tucking my Guess, Daredevil Jeans into them though...

We found this great wicker chair hidden in an industrial part of town and I really wanted to take it home- unfortunately, Stephan thought it may have been someone's "smoke-break" lounger. I thought the poor thing looked lonely and needed to be loved.


Blame it on the Blog

Once upon a lazy Saturday, I so conveniently stumbled upon Kelly Framel's blog, The Glamourai. With a rather lengthy list of to-do's in mind, I had only moments to get my fashion-fix before snapping myself back into reality- but something rather strange happened. My clock had somehow jumped forward 2 hours and there were multiple tabs open on my browser, displaying words like, "vintage-inspired" and "1920's clothing". When my fiance' asked what the crap I was doing, I blamed it on her...

With over 5,000 blog followers, you know that there is something to love about The Glamourai. She is a Vintage addict and accessory master, which gives me reason enough to adore her- but there's something else that sets her apart from the other thousands of vintage-clad fashionistas and keeps me following. Kelly Framel's fashion creations are masterful works of fine artistry. Not to mention the fact that we share a sometimes, overly-obsessive eBay dependency.

So can you blame me for the consistent Pay pal hits to my bank account, or for the fact that local thrift store owners and I know each other by first-name? No, no- I am simply seeking inspiration from a girl who's heart, is like that of my own. It's just too bad that I could never pull-off that adorable haircut.



My Top 5: Online Fashion Influencers

Kelly Framel ~ The Glamourai

This girl has truely embraced fashion as an art form. Blogger since 2008 and accessory designer. Her style is fabulous Classic Vintage Chic, I love it!

Elsie Flannigan ~ A Beautiful Mess

Known in the Blogger World as, Elsiecake, she reminds me of the girl I always wanted to be in highschool; a vintage-clad drama "geek" who wore whatever she wanted- as long as it was used and nobody else had a thing like it. Loves tattoos, her pug and making things out of vintage items. She's a designer from Springfield, MO and runs her own vintage boutique, RedVelvetart.

Sandra Hagelstam ~ 5 inch and up

She has a shoe closet to not only be envied, but one I would kill for. Sandra is a full time fashion student at London College of Fashion, and she sells the clothes she wears right off of her blog!

Audrey Whit ~ audriealphabete

I stumbled upon this 19 year-old, Kentucky girl, while futzing around Chictopia. She may not be on any top-blog list, but she has fabulous taste and blogs about clothing, celebrities and just about anything else that sparks her interest- very cute, very silly. She makes me laugh on a regular basis with her quirky little comments:)

The Sartorialist

I love everything about this man's blog. His photos are beautiful and so real. He has a great talent for seeing & capturing the beauty of these people and places that most people, would never notice on their own. His posts aren't bogged-down with too much fluff- they are simple, artistic and frankly, they speak for themselves so there's no need for extra verbage, anyway..


Love will find a way...I must carry this beauty.

Anya Hindmarch ~ Spring 2011

Spring 2011 Trend:Snake Charmer - WWD.com

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Yeah, yeah..

I am TERRIBLY behind on this blog- but that's okay, given my number of readers...hee.

How's the domesticated, stay-at-home-momma thing going? Well...it's not. A week of not being able to get myself into the shower before 11 and chasing around a 3 year old, has proven to be not such the easy feat- since I can't get ready before 11, little Vitale can't get to school before noon to make it for lunch and nap, so I'm S.O.L.
I got a job. Laugh all you want, i'd rather sell off my handbags than try to prove a point. Don't get me wrong- I love my little monster, but he's even more high maintenence than his mommy!!

I'm doing a little search engine optimization ebay posting for VintageBlessings- an online boutique that sells Vintage and Antique items, mainly Quilts, lace and linens. The history behind these Quilts is awe-inspiring!

Check us out at http://www.vintageblessings.com/ or on Ebay!

And here's a little show and tell... Me and the little man at the fair (Stephan took the picture, I wish he was in it)- yes, the cow is eating my hair. I eventually panicked when he didn't want to let go.

Shirt, no-name brand, $10 at Burlington- great score.


Momma's Got a New Job Description...

I am officially taking a stab at this whole stay-at-home momma thing. Stephan's business has taken off enough for me to justify my nearly non-existant job search (you know, if something FABULOUS comes up with a nice salary to match, I may consider applying) and I can focus primarily on being a mother, student of fashion and attempt to keep up with the neverending list of household chores.

This also comes with a nice bonus for Stephan- I will now be taking over the invoicing and marketing side of his business! So really, I AM working- it's just a part-time job with the added benefit of being able to telecommute!

I AM ECSTATIC! There are many who have doubted my ability to ever become a well-adjusted domesticated woman, but  now that I have time on my hands-it will be just fine. In my defense- before Stephan, I never cared about making someone dinner and I also have ALWAYS had a full-time job. How hard could it possibly be to wake up a little later than usual, get ready for the day (make-up and heels included), take Vitale to Pre-school and do a few chores??


Purse Pick Of The Week!

 This bag, ladies- takes my breath away!  Details seem to be this Fall's trend and no detail is more beautiful (in my opinion), than merlot python.  Michael Kors hit the spot with his Skorpios Large Hobo Python Bag (right).  The price tag? Around $2500.00.  Not cheap, but well worth the cost if you can afford it. If not, please don't allow me to break your heart- there ARE other options!!  Rather than GENIUNE python, look for leather handbags with a python or snakeskin print! 
For a fraction of the price, you can have the CARLY Signature Pouch Python Purse in Wine Burgandy (left). This little beauty is only $298 at KIIKAS.com.

If you're still craving Michael Kors, you can always borrow it at AVELLE.com- The New Bag Borrow or Steal.